JAM Session (Jesus-Art-Me)

Childrens Sunday School Program

We read the story about Timothy joining Paul and Silas as they traveled from town to town encouraging the people of the new churches telling about Jesus. From verses Acts 15, 16 and 2  Timothy 1.  We spoke about how Timothy walked in faith and joined their journey.  And how our friendships depend on our faithfulness to be trustworthy and  dependable for one another.

 Our memory verse of the day was Proverbs 17:17

          “A friend loves at all times, a brother is born in adversity “

We made flags with foot prints made with our hands. Our phase was walking in faith.  I asked the children to remember “a friend loves at all times” for next week.   We prayed and asked God to help us in our faithfulness do you want another and especially to him .  Below are some pictures of all the fun that was had!